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Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is an extremely effective strategy for organisations to fill in all the resource gaps in the respective organisation by hiring specialists from an outsourcing vendor. With staff augmentation, businesses can get their projects done effectively and effectively. This outsourcing technique helps organisations save a lot of their time as well as money.

Voco Technologies provides you with the exact number of qualified professionals as per your needs to fit in your streamlined project and the estimated budget. We have been outsourcing various kinds of indices for years. Hence, our professionals have gained a lot of expertise in their respective fields. Our highly experienced professional team is very well-versed with the latest innovative technologies and also has an in-depth knowledge of all the respective industries.


Staff Augmentation Process?

1. Requirement gathering

The client provides the exact Job Description with all the details and technology stack.

2. Profile Sharing

Based on the provided job description, Our team checks for the available resources from the resource pool and sends the profiles to the clients.

3. Screening

Based on the profiles sent, the Client will have a discussion with the resources and select the consultant(s).

4. Agreement

After the selection is completed, there will be a Terms and Conditions agreement between the client and VOCO TECHNOLOGIES.

5. Start Working

Consultants start to work from the client or VOCO TECHNOLOGIES premises based on the client’s requirement.



Staff augmentation is a process where a company hires expert professionals from an outsourcing vendor for a specific period. In other words, staff augmentation uses outside personnel temporarily to augment the capacity of an organisation. As businesses today have diverse skill requirements, the importance of staff augmentation increases. With staff augmentation, businesses can get their work done quickly and effectively without spending more money.

Staff augmentation comes with a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Fast and flexible services.
  • Businesses need to spend their time and money on hiring new professionals.
  • Seamlessly solve most of the problems.
  • Businesses can increase or decrease their workforce as per needed.
  • Businesses will be able to get more specialised skills.
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